Underwater Videos

Sea Lion Sports

Playing with juvenile sea lions at the Mexican Coronado Islands. (Uploaded June 2020)

Critterhunt 2019

Critterhunt at Crystal Blue Resort in Anilao, Philippines, May 2019. (Uploaded June 2020)

God's Pocket - August 2017

A week at God's Pocket resort on Vancouver Island. (Uploaded June 2018)

Bali: A Closer Look

Small stuff in Bali, February 2015. (Uploaded June 2017)

What to See in the Bahamas

Reefs, wrecks, and shark feeding in the Bahamas, May 2015 (Uploaded April 2017)

Why Here?

Diving in SoCal - worth the effort! (Uploaded October 2014)

Bali: Around the Island in 8 Days

Diving all around the island of Bali, October 2012. (Uploaded October 2014)

Heading North

Diving Southern California's Channel Islands. 2nd Place, SEA 2014 International Underwater Photo & Video Competition. (Uploaded March 2014)

Wakatobi Resort, October 2012

(Uploaded March 2014)

Summer Squid

Summer squid run at Redondo Beach, August 2013. (Uploaded February 2014)

Pacific Playdate

Sea lions of Anacapa Island. (Uploaded March 2013)

...But Aren't You Afraid of Sharks?

Guadalaupe Island, Mexico, Sep 2011. (Uploaded December 2011)

The Philippines: Beauties & Beasts

Puerto Galera and Dumaguete, August 2010. 1st Place, SEA 2011 International Underwater Photo & Video Competition. (Uploaded November 2011)

Stay-at-Home Husband

Fiji, July 2010. 3rd Place, LAUPS 48th International Competition. (Uploaded November 2010)

Kona After Dark

1st Place, LAUPS 47th International Competition. (Uploaded October 2009)

Back to Bonaire

Bonaire, May 2008. (Uploaded December 2008)

Just Goofing Around

Lots of silliness from a year in California waters. 3rd Place, Underwater Images 2008 Competition. (Uploaded December 2007)

A Really Good Day

Anacapa Island, California. 3rd Place, LAUPS 45th International Competition. (Uploaded June 2007)